Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Grey areas

In case you can't read the labels, the left one says "Satan's Kingdom", and the right one says "God's Kingdom". I relate a vignette relating to this diagram on CatE, here. The questions are:

1. How far does Satan's Kingdom extend?
2. How far does God's Kingdom extend?
3. Are either of the first 2 questions relevant, and/or more important than the other question?
4. Does this diagram represent reality in any way? Why or why not?


stepha said...

I have no idea. I am currently, finally comfortable existing in the gray on this issue, and many others.

I'm sure this comfort will wane shortly and I'll attempt more diagrams. Then perhaps, hopefully, it will come back. Then go away again. Then come back.

Seren said...

I'm glad you have q.4 there. i was thinking just today about what has changed, between the way i live/feel/think now, and the way i was brought up to live/feel/think. the biggest difference is that, now, what is most REAL to me is the physical, material, corporeal, natural, call it what you will (all the terms are inadequate). it's not so much that i spend lots of time disbelieving in the things i was taught. i am completely immersed in the transitory, fragile, imminent reality that surrounds me second by second. to me the diagram is interesting, but only in the same way as a chart of the medieval celestial hierarchy of the Nine Orders might be. They are descriptions of the way other people see reality, they don’t really relate to my experience of it at all.

LP said...

1. uh..

2. uh..

3. no.

4. no. it's more like everything is black, white, and grey at the same time.

sorry, no little right-wing diagrams will explain this...

phoeberae said...

As an ex-church youth leader I was about to reply the standard...

"One side of the fence is Satan's, the other is Jesus... But Satan owns the fence, so don't go sitting on it."

But I liked your comment better on CatE better.

I think both can still be relevant depending from which angle you are looking at.