Sunday, June 28, 2009


My friend Craig over at is looking to find someone who he can interview for a follow up to the video below. He's looking to make another video that highlights someone who did choose to end a friendship over this issue, but where the other person didn't feel attacked. If you have such a story, or know someone who does, feel free to contact Craig.


Gary Means said...

Great video. I will post this on my blog as well, link here, and credit Craig. Thanks for sharing it.

Gary Means said...

I just read the hateful, judgmental comments on Youtube in response to this video. It's heartbreaking how cold and cruel those people are in Christ's name.

Christa did not condone, and certainly did not encourage, abortion. She simply chose to love.

I think her critics would really be scandalized by Jesus, were He to walk among us in the flesh today. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to kill Him. Isn't murder condoned by the prolife community if it's someone they don't agree with?

Benjamin Ady said...


Yeah--I liked the video a lot too, and was saddened by the unkind arrogant comments on youtube as well.

Thank you for leaving a comment, and for the link.

I hope I won't offend you if I take exception to your last sentence. Of course there are fundamentalist crazies in just about any camp, including the pro-life camp, but I don't think it's fair at all to characterize the entire movement as condoning the murder of those with whom they disagree. There are a lot of thoughtful, gracious, loving, smart people on both sides of the pro-choice/pro-life line of demarcation. In fact I bet we could radically decrease the number of abortions if we all took a lot of the energy that goes into fighting each other and used it to actually help pregnant women. Which of course a lot of people are already doing. =)

Joe said...

annoying music.

Kinda sad this is even remarkable, in my opinion - or did people miss the bit that said a normal live birth was not possible?

Gary Means said...

Benjamin, no I am not offended at all. I totally agree with you. I got a bit caught up in the emotion of reading the comments on Youtube and was drawn down to their level. I knew that I was painting with a pretty broad brush, and yet wrote it anyway simply because I was pissed off. Not a brilliant move. Thanks for your gracious response to my comments.

byron smith said...

It is indeed an interesting video and thanks for posting it. It raises all kinds of issues and I want to pick up on one that might not be the most obvious.

When I watched the video (amongst other things) I was disappointed by the (to my mind) false dichotomy between beliefs and friendship, with the implication that it is not possible to deeply disagree with someone and remain a friend. I am not making a comment one way or another here on the question of abortion, simply lamenting the loss (in this video) of the category of respectful and loving disagreement in which relationship is not broken.

Benjamin Ady said...


You're comment helped me see the video in a different light. Thank you!

Could it have to do with direction? Perhaps Christa (and others) are in the process of *learning* that one can deeply disagree and still be friends, having previously thought such a thing impossible?

byron smith said...

Yeah, that is a good point. It is a lesson to learn.

And thanks for reminding me that we can all keep learning. :-)