Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope amidst the darkness

Warning: Battlestar Galactica spoilers! If you haven't seen the latest episode, you might want to stop reading now =)

I liked this interview with Kate Vernon, the actress who plays Ellen Tigh on the TV series Battlestar Galactica. Last night's first episode of the second half of season four revealed that her character, who had died and been written out of the series, has come back as the mysterious and much wondered about final Cylon.

Kate says with regards to when her character got killed off of the show back in 2006:

"I wasn't done with the character," Vernon moaned. "They killed me off. I was devastated. Why me? What did I do wrong?"

A small reprieve came when executive producer Ron Moore told her she would return as a dark vision of her husband's tortured mind, but Vernon resigned herself to the fact that her role in "one of the greatest shows ever made" was over. Then, on an especially wrenching afternoon many months ago, she got a phone call.

"I was crawling down Sepulveda and I had just come from a therapy session and I was crying, my eyes were swollen like clam eyes, and I was hanging on my steering wheel wondering what was going on in my life and my career. The phone rang. It was Ron's assistant.


Joe said...

'Bastard!' she shouted down the cellphone before opening the window and throwing it out, skidding and crashing the car.

I'm feeling cheery today as you might have guessed.

Megs said...

Joe, you and Bens make a great pair of Puddleglums... But Puddleglum really is the most hopeful of people in his glum way!
I love the hope in this story Bens. It's inspiring me. Spring shall come! I've just been looking at the most delightful pics on Gimena's blog of their wonderful family summer camping trip... SUMMER shall come. Oh summer, summer, summer... It would be so easy for me to worship the sun!

Joe said...

Megs, I'm learning how to use a sewing machine and having a lot of fun at the moment. So not quite as glum as I could be. It is amazing how doing something relatively creative makes you feel so much better.