Sunday, November 02, 2008

Edgar Sawtelle

I just finished reading Wroblewski's "The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle". Best story I've read in years. Since ... I guess since Helen Dewitt's "Last Sumarai" and Chabon's "Kavalier and Clay".

Totally totally moving.

One thing it made me realize. This is kind of strange. But it made me realize what unbelievable CRAP Young's "The Shack" really was. It's like eating a really good meal makes you realize what unbelievable crap some of the meals you've eaten recently have been (that's when *I* do the cooking, most of the time, and then afterwards eat Megan's cooking. I think "Why the frack do I even try to cook"?)

Are all the books Oprah picks of this caliber?

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Megs said...

thank you my dear - thought i really rather like your cooking! can't wait to read ES!! i've got so many good books going right now - virginia woolf's a room of one's own, ES, the new auralia's colours, gilead, ... love m