Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random thoughts

-the bottle of bud light I drank earlier had printed on the side that it would tasted "freshest" within 110 days of it's "born on date" of July '08. So is that just a random number? Or does something chemically *happen* to the beer after 110 days? Or do they do double blind taste tests with master beer tasters with bottles that are various ages, and then come up with some numerical rating system, average everything out, and ... TADA! come up with 110 days?

-It's a mystery to me how people can believe that the Jesus of the four gospels is "Lord of all". I mean it's pretty clear he wasn't "Lord of all" when he was hanging out in Palestine back in the day. He was Lord of a lot, clearly, but also clearly not of all. He was totally limited by location/time. It doesn't seem to me that things have gotten a whole lot better since then. Maybe they mean they think he'll be "Lord of all" someday. I mean honestly, he's not even really Lord of anyone, is he? I mean no one really pulls off doing what he said, consistently, do they?

-Spanish 21 is beatable. That's about the kewlest new thing I've learned lately. See Katarina Walker's new book. I remember thinking that naming the game "Spanish 21" was a bit of an insult to the Spanish. Turns out maybe that's not the case.

-Megs and I did an exercise last week where we each drew a family tree, with circles for each person with their name inside, and lines connecting people via marriage and blood, and so forth. Then next to each name we wrote three adjectives to describe the person. (hehe--guess any of our extended family who reads this will now be wondering what 3 adjectives we each may have written =). Next to my mom, Susan, I wrote these three adjectives: "Dead, dead, dead".

-Toppenish, WA, has the highest percentage of visibly bad teeth of any town I've ever been in. Higher even than at Skagit Speedway in Skagit County, WA.

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