Saturday, September 22, 2007

This week in Iraq under American occupation

302 dead civilians.


  • Diwaniya: 12-year-old son and elderly father of Mahdi army leader killed during US/Iraqi raid on their house.
  • Baghdad: 2 civilians reported killed during US/Iraqi raid, one of them a 5-year-old boy
  • Baquba: 3 family members shot dead in their car
  • Baquba: 6-year-old boy killed by sniper fire.

Cost to U.S. taxpayers for this seven days of occupation: 1.9 Billion dollars

question: if you are living in the united states, feel relatively safe from active violence, have food to eat, have a place to sleep, use the postal service, the roads, the garbage service, have water to drink, have cash to buy an espresso drink, etc. etc., then what does justice look like in terms of your relationship with the friends and family of the 302 people mentioned above (not to mention those of the other 734,567)?

I have no idea about the answer to this question, but it strikes me that the answer is potentially rather frightening. and Rachel adds this as well


Rachel said...

Benjamin, I followed the link you gave at the end and I agree that it is potentially quite frightening. And we must lay this verse along side the other:

Benjamin Ady said...

thankyou rachel! You kind of nailed it. So much for it being about homosexuality!