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What I learned from church

(that turned out not to be true, and what I'm learning now)

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Glenn Hager kindly invited me to participate in his synchroblog. Thanks Glen!

So a coupla lists–and a tiny bit of a justice and compassion slant (I’m not making this stuff up)

What I learned in church:

  • Sex is mainly for procreation.
  • America is the greatest nation on earth.
  • Alchohol is evil. period.
  • Using contraception is almost always a dumb, and perhaps even bad, idea.
  • The U.N. is evil.
  • Homosexuality is a far worse sin than gluttony.
  • We’re right, and they’re wrong.
  • God created the United States.
  • Public Education is evil.
  • The King James Version is the *only* right translation of the Bible into English.
  • The Bible is about principles.
  • Most of the stuff that came out of the civil rights movement was bad because it destroyed personal freedom.
  • Roman Catholicism is evil.
  • You can follow Jesus by going to church once a week and praying a prayer. And you can even pray the prayer in secret
  • It’s not hard for the rich to get into the kindom of heaven. It’s easy.
  • Forgiveness means you have to forget what the perp did, and pretend it didn’t really hurt you.
  • The dichotomy between good and evil is simple and easy to see.

And what I’m learning lately–well, I don’t got do church so much anymore. But from lovely Monkfish, and Brian McLaren, and Jim Henderson, and Seattle Mennonite Church, and Dan Allender, and perhaps even Union a bit, I’m learning:

  • It’s more important to be kind than right.
  • You don’t have to buy into the idea that billions of people are going to burn in hell forever to be a christian.
  • God’s not stressed or freaked out by gnarly pagan ideas and rituals.
  • God cares more about the poor, the broken, the raped, the starving, the whole hurting world, than I do, and she certainly cares more about these people than she does about … stupid little doctrinal debates between various sects of the church in America.
  • God doesn’t need the bible to talk to me.
  • Actions are more important than words.
  • I can make a difference.
  • The Bible is about stories.
  • God likes the idea of people giving power away to other people. Prodigiously. And Bit by bit.
  • Real christians have to at least take into consideration the idea of war tax protest.
  • Jesuits rock.
  • Nuclear weapons are evil.
  • Following Jesus is hella hard, and involves more than … openly changing your lifestyle.
  • It’s okay to hate someone who hurt you.
  • Good and evil are nuanced, and as humans we can’t really escape being victims and perps.
What about you?

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