Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Forgiveness and Red Dust

I finally found the perfect storyish (read: postmodern) answer to all the annoying Christians (ok, mostly I mean annoying people in my extended family) who think that forgiveness means something altogether different from what I think it means. So I meant to obtain a movie called ushpizin, recommended by a friend of Megan's. And instead I ended up with a movie called Red Dust, from 2004, which, in my opinion, takes a quintesentially Christian look at the issue of forgiveness in the setting of post apartheid south africa and the truth and reconciliation commission. Best movie I've seen this year by a mile. I highly recommend it. Buy it at amazon here as a used DVD for only US$6.09


Megs said...

what does it say about forgiveness lovely bens?

sam and becca said...

i love that you comment on each other's blogs bens and megs. and that you both have four letter names ending in "s". they sound nice together... is that why you got married? we like the sound of sam n becca.

this film sounds very cool. we'll add it to our film wish-list.


Benjamin said...

Lovely Megs, there's a quote at the end of the movie from Desmond Tutu which is reflective of what the movie says much more storyishly (and therefore better) about forgiveness. "Having looked the beast in the eye, having given and received forgiveness, let us shut the door on the past, not to forget it, but to allow it not to imprison us."

sam and becca said...

have you heard of theooze.com? i've sent you an invitation. its a cool emerging church site.

have you guys seen volver? its quite amazing i think. deals with forgiveness in a powerful way. s